What You Can Do

In order for residents and other constituents to have the chance to engage in a productive discussion regarding development, the proposed zoning amendment must first be rejected by the Town Council.

We seek your support as we ask the Town Council to reject the broad zoning amendment and move to engage residents, business owners and developers in a cooperative process. 

Our goal is to avoid zoning changes driven solely by developers and to reset the zoning discussions toward a more comprehensive solution to growth opportunities in our town. We want to maintain the appealing look and feel of classic West Hartford Center, remain mindful of existing residential areas of our town, and allow for appropriate growth and thoughtful development that we and the next generation can enjoy.



Join us at the Public Hearing in a show of wide-spread opposition to the zoning amendment. 

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We need as many people as possible to get involved so we can start a greater conversation.  Please help us spread our message. 

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